" Eradicating Human Trafficking through Awareness and Prevention ! "


                              I would like to take a moment and introduce to you some of our members for xtrememeasureNYC .

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Theresa M Racine                             


My Name is Theresa M Racine founder of xtrememeasure.com, which was birthed in 1995. xtrememeasure.com
is now world wide known. Our group spreads from NYC to AFRICA. Our main fight is the horrific crimes of Human Trafficking.

But we don't stop there we deal with other abuses such as Domestic Violence,Teen Dating Violence, Child abuse, Missing Children
and bullying just to name a few. Our group is made up of activist who have that artistic flow. Whether it be through speaking, poetry, dance, music, even our lovely cooks.

We spread awareness through having events that will stay in the peoples hearts even after they leave. We also want to encourage people they too can use their gifting's to make a difference in just one person life.

I myself have accomplished so much in my own life, I am a survivor of child abuse/sexual abuse, and domestic violence. I also had my fair share in the world of pornography as well, if you want to take some time and read my story here is the link.

But my accomplishments as a survivor out weighs all the bad, because I am here to fight against all these crimes and perhaps make a difference in others who have not found their voice. I am a warrior on what I call the battlefield called life. My main goal in life is to create a world that people will find who they are, and spread awareness around the world. So those who have no voice can be empowered by those who have one.


Chef Moses And Chef Melissa


Culinary Kids Culinary Arts Initiatives, a national award winning organization in the Rockaways founded by Chefs Malisa Rivera and Marion Moses is collaborating with Xtrememeasure on the Culinary Kids/Xtrememeasure DV clinic. Every fourth Saturday of every month, starting in 2016, will be providing intervention and sustainable options for DV victims to recover, enter back into society and the workforce. Peer one-to-one counseling, legal assistance, green initiatives training, and many other resources will be made readily available. Various locations throughout the Rockaway peninsula will be provided.

Culinary Kids and Xtrememeasure.com DV Initiative And Clinic Every Forth Saturday.

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Chef Malisa Rivera
Founder, Executive Director
Culinary Kids Culinary Arts Initiatives Inc.

**If you are in a Relationship that feels threatening, uncomfortable, tense, or even frightening, trust your feelings.

Reach out to a trusted adult or call the 24-hour, toll-free, all-language New York City Domestic Violence Hotline at 800-621-HOPE (4673) or the multi-lingual Youthline at 800-246-4646 to speak to a trained advocate.

Victims of abuse who have been sexually assaulted should also call the Rape/Sexual Assault/Incest Hotline to speak with a trained advocate at 212-227-3000.

Shereen Fuller 

My name is Shereen Fuller and was born and raised in Belize City on July 26,1985. Moved to Los Angeles California at the age 14 years old. Then moved to new york in 2002 and graduated in 2004 from Walton High School. Move back to California ,From there attended Harbor College for liberal Arts. I have certificates in Diploma,Bar tending, Food protection, Tips, Pre - CNA, CPR, First Aid, Childcare,Natural Hair Styling, Security Guard, Eight Security, Fire Guard, Studio Productions, Field Productions. Yes! They call me jack of all treads and I call it multi talented .I am also a single mom of four beautiful kids 3 boys 7yrs ,3yrs , and a 2 months old and 1 girl 20 months. I ha

ve been through alot, maybe more than one can one imagine I am a victim of Domestic Violence, and survivor, residing in NYC without family support, have lived in the shelter system with my older son due to domestic violence , child abuse victim/ acs case, moved from one place to another after coming to the U.S, until able to find a stable home, got kidnap in L.A. Just to mention some of it.

I was able to survive all these struggles and plus being a single mom, I have found help in unexpected places and will love to share this and more resources with those who really needs the help. This is the reason I choose to use what ever giftings I have to eradicate abuse and Human Trafficking Shereen has a television show that you can view here or on bronx net.




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                                                               Missing Children, Child Abuse Campign Held in June

                                                                   Domestic Violence Campaign October









I especially feel for children, who cannot defend themselves. I think it is a great evil for an adult to take advantage of children, ESPECIALLY of those, who have no protectors like devoted parents or other adults of authority, i.e., teachers, police officers, etc watching their backs. They, through no fault of their own, are the most vulnerable. May God's justice be swift and to the fullest extent of His law to those who do children harm. 

 This scripture comes to mind when I think of those who would abuse children in any way. (Matthew 18:6) "If anyone causes one of these little ones--those who believe in me--to stumble, it would be better for them to have a large millstone hung around their neck and to be drowned in the depths of the sea."~Ofelia Flores Phillips

PRAY FOR OUR TEENS AND EDUCATE THEM ABOUT VIOLENCE  ~Jackie Joaquin-                        

Impossible is nothing possible is everything I wear red and purple in honor of those who have been harmed in abusive relationships and sought help. we strive to support those who NEED A VOICE.~Eizan Wallace


Theresa, it's been an issue for years and years amongst our youth & it's getting worse. I have seen it for myself.  It's everywhere & it is finally coming to light...In colleges, there r so many rapes, abuses that have taken place but go unreported ("swept under the rug") per say just to protect the College's Reputation & Name (good ole' mighty $$$$$$). And of course ppl. are "UNCOMFORTABLE" taking about this issue. They feel a certain loyalty, fear or they me have been brought up with this mindset of "Nobody needs to know what goes on behind closed doors"...BS!!!!!!!! Domestic, physical, emotional, & verbal abuse at home. All types, all races, all economic classes, all genders, all ages... even within our Military. Elderly community, included!!!! Education on Preventing.Violence is key, stopping the vicious cycle b/c the majority of the time it starts with their childhood & if not dealt with properly it will manifest itself into their adulthood hence allowing them to get "abused" by others.might I also conclude that children whom are products of abuse may also become the "abusers"..c where I am going with this??? one word, "BULLIES". (ppl. need to open their minds).~ Carolina Corona


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