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Every Monday For Ten Years Straight We Have Prayer That Extends from Africa, To New York To Your Home!

Joyce who has been a long time member has stepped up to the plate for the year 2016 to make a commitment to head off our Prayer every Monday.

This a very exciting year every week we are going to add a New Language, since we have people who have been members in Africa we will be Praying in their language,


We are currently on Facebook, so that is one way you can participate, Instagram, and Twitter, Plus making a (Prayer Board )

Follow Xtrememeasure on any of these. also if you need personal prayer I will set up a gmail sometime next week that Joyce or Myself will be able to answer with prayers,

If your in trouble you can call my DV Number1.347.246.6358 or call 911 for Human Trafficking 1.888.3737.888

To Partner with Us xtrememeasureactivist@gmail.com

The week of the January 25,

Human Trafficking Awareness Month/Stalking Awareness Month


This is my prayer today 

Heavenly Father,
Thank You for this day. This is your day. for you have made it for your glory, but many victims feel helpless and hopeless, and have dire situations at hand. You have not given us a spirit of fear. Yet because of the eveils in this world so many people have the spirit of fear in their hearts mind and soul. Lord I ask that you would protect what's value to you which is there soul. Let your people be set free from the bondage many people are in from these crimes that others entangle them with.

I also want to pray for my dear Friend 
Rachel Lloyd I lift her life up to you, Many trafficking vicitims and survivors count on her life, I pray that the Drs, that operated on her took the tumor in her head out and now she is resting somewhere healing and believeing by faith you have got this. I pray for your healing balm.

I pray also for the Domestic Violence Clinic for your plans to go forth. I pray that you have already set it all up. I know there is nothing impossible for you, I know your plans are not to harm me but to prosper me . I pray for the victim who is using the number, that you will help her along her path, that the person she is around will not threaten her anymore and she will have her room in another place. Lord send your angels to guard her. Lord send the advocates we need so every soul will be helped. Send a group of counselors our way so everyone will work as a team, Although you might equip me to do it all I shouldn't ever be an island. Send workers. In Jesus Name. 

If Anyone needs Prayer ? Starting In Febuary we will have a prayerboard on xtrememeasure that you can use 24 hours and their will be a time every monday where I will have from 10 am in the morning to 11:30 pm and from 5pm to 6:30 that you will be able to call the dv, clinics number specifically for your prayer needs, A person will be available to pray for you .. Thank You for praying with us today. Come back every Monday. We will be lookinginto a prayerboard for this page soon,




Ending Slavery – International Day of Prayer and Awareness against Human Trafficking – Coming February 8 

The first International Day of Prayer and Awareness against Human Trafficking will be held on February 8th, 2015. The day is intended to raise awareness and encourage reflection on the violence and injustice that impact victims of human trafficking. This comes after the historic December 2nd World Day for the Abolition of Slavery which was marked by an unprecedented meeting between Pope Francis and leaders from the Muslim, Jewish, Orthodox, Anglican, Buddhist and Hindu faiths. They signed a Joint Declaration of Religious Leaders Against Modern Slavery, re affirming their commitment to the dignity and freedom that is the birthright of humanity and to ending slavery by 2020. In addition, January, 2015, is National Slavery and Human Trafficking Prevention Month in the United States. It culminates in the annual celebration of National Freedom Day on February 1.

 The Salvation Army's Annual Day of Prayer for Victims of Human Trafficking Sunday 27 September 2016

 THE last Sunday in September is set aside every year as The Salvation Army's Annual Day of Prayer for Victims of Human Trafficking, providing an important focal point for prayer to support people caught up in trafficking and those working among the victims. Every Salvation Army corps (church) and center around the world is basked to make time on Sunday 27 September 2016 to offer focused prayer for The Salvation Army's ministry to trafficked people and to call on God to uplift the victims and change the hearts of those who gain financially from this modern-day slavery.

Since February is right around the corner lets mark are calender to do something on Feb, But on September 27 lets make this a big event.

Email us if your church wants to to get involved: xtrememeasureactivist@gmail.com


Feel Free To Email Me If You Are In The Need Of Prayer joyce.smith5512@gmail.com

A little something about me..
First and for most if there's an issue I believe in I'm going to hit it hard with all the passion within me...
My self I was born into a family of crime and abuses of all forms anything from broken bones to verbal abuse to sexual abuse a family with two fathers.

My biological father was a pedophile and career criminal.my step father and alcoholic and physical abuser..
My mother well lost deep into drugs and alcoholism.. Both parents dysfunctional

As a child I suffered I think every abuse possible .. 
I was one of the lucky ones I was a fighter and had a strong sense of the presence of God in my corner this gave me the strength and hope to survive and not just survive but to thrive which is rare but hey with God anything is possible.. 

God has a plan for all of us ..we just need to stop and hear his voice so as a child I was always hiding from dangers so given that me and God had lots of time to talk..he talked I listened.

This connection with God pulled me through.We all have a path and I feel all have a purpose. Mine was to learn compassion and love but not worldly love my lesson was learning Gods love .Its not easy loving those who harm you. But I did and as the years went by I realize Gods forgiveness is key but also knowing the power of God through( you )we can all make a difference in each others lives.

I have sense used my experiences to heal others broken lives one by one and as I am used of God to heal so goes on the newly healed ones that then go on to hear others its how it works I am blessed that I am able to take a bad thing and turn it into good .. As we pray we pray for evil to heal l as well God can only change the hearts of men I'm honored to be a part of this group and I pray in some small way that I can contribute some form of understanding and hope ...light and love be blessed!!























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