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National Slavery and Human Trafficking Prevention Month is in January and the Day is January 11th

Join Freedom Week with xtrememeasure Against Child Trafficking in making a pledge for 2012!

September is Washington D.C.s Human Trafficking Awareness Month, the event which was established thanks to the efforts of the DC Task Force on Human Trafficking. Join the xtrememeasure team this year for our Freedom walk though Central park in NYC.

Aaron Cohen The author of "Slave Hunter" with Christine Buckley

Theresa @ Stop Trafficking Walk in September

Running in Heels For The Cause

Mira Sorvino Photography By 'TEE'

The United Nations Trafficking conference

xtrememeasure.com is a group who works with law makers and other organizations to help with awareness and prevent Human Trafficking from happening in there own communities. We are asking you to book mark this page as this page will be updated frequently.

This page is to get you as informed as possible on this horrible crime. We are dedicated to get you educated. You can come here and find out how you can get free education on this subject.

We will have a special news page that will be updated monthly, so you can read and share on your face book and on twitter and MySpace, wherever you have a social networking site. To what is happening in your own back yard.

We have campaigns throughout the year, that you can share on your social networking, We believe by word of month and spreading awareness we can make a difference for those who have NO VOICE. You can help us in January and in the month of September by wearing white or getting a group to wear white with you and creating a sign that has some quote about you are a part of a fight against human trafficking and committing for that month you will post something on your status. And posting your picture, we would love to hear from you if you are in for our next campaign. We will send you a personal email after we receive yours about what other things you can do in your community during this time.

In the month of September there are many events for freedom week. xtrememeasure.com will be having events leading up to that day. We will also have fundraisers during the year to help us fight the cause, and to open a safe house for trafficking victims. Our events will be on the event page as well as other events we feel you should attend, that will be updated also monthly.

Find a group in your area or if you are a leader, begin your own group under our group email me and I will be sure to reach out to you. Via email, Facebook, or phone .

Here are some quotes you can cut and paste on your face book twitter account.

"Human trafficking" is a term you do not hear much in the media...awareness needs to be raised.... Sadly, folks are so busy trying to make ends meet that "we" do not care UNLESS it happens to us or someone we know. Sandi Goodin Ferguson

"In a few weeks, I'm going to release our annual Department of State Report on Human Trafficking and that report probes even the darkest places, calling to account any country, friend or foe, that is not doing enough to combat human trafficking. Though many complain, the power of shame has stirred many to action and sparked unprecedented reforms. Defeating human trafficking is a great moral calling and we will never subjugate it to the narrow demands of the day."

-------Condoleezza Rice, Secretary of State

"The disturbing tendency to treat prostitution as a business or industry not only contributes to the trade in human beings, but is itself evidence of a growing tendency to detach freedom from the moral law and to reduce the rich mystery of human sexuality to a mere commodity."

-------Pope John Paul II

Here are you will find links you can share VIA Godtube and youtube. Recommended books., Education, Movies, Links to important organizations

This is a collaboration of different things you can do as a community. How can I help? How can I make a Difference? I want to do an event? Where do I start? If you have any creative ideas I would love to hear and help you to create with as little funds as possible. email me