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We welcome, Patricia PoeticDoveGarcia  as our New Member and Leader for our Up and coming poetry events.

Patricia PoeticDoveGarcia 

Patricia has been writing poetry and short stories since she was 11 years old. Writing has been her escape from everyday drama.  She am the mother of 3 beautiful children. She submitted her poetry to and have won the Editors Choice Award, she began to post her poetry online at www.NPGMC.com and had a thread entitled "Patti's Poetry Corner" and that did well for 2 years until Prince closed the website. Her poetry and photos have also been featured on www.irepmag.com along with an interview. She also have a page at www.myspace.com/poeticdove where you can find her poetry, pictures, and find out a little more about her.

Her  life as a child was not easy but she continues to  struggled to overcome everything and anything and fought to look foward and push ahead. She works in the IT field, She take Martial Arts, She writes her own poetry, She's a mom, and she love to cook. Just an average everyday woman. So take a look into her world and I hope you enjoy my "Intimate Sessions".


Beauty and Pain from my book "Intimate Sessions"

She was the beauty
He, the pain
She cried for mercy
He hit her again
Swift emotional blows
Like there was a lesson to teach
She looked for "love"
It was far out of reach
No smiles or laughter
Only cries
No love and affection
Only lies
No flowers and dinner
Just arguments before bed
No picnics and sunlight
Just a face that is always red
Beauty and pain
She and he
He wants to hurt her
She wants to be free..............

                Our Next Event Is In April of 2014


Here is some links and memories of our last event .


 Part 1  


The After Party    


Lets Make New Memories.....New Poetry...... More People.....

        Abuse Again written by Michelle Cadett

                      I hate the way you talk to me

                The tone you use

                   The words you choose

                        The meaning behind them too.

                          And yet I keep coming back to you.

                       The excuses that I make

                         so that I can put up with you

                         are making my insides ache.

                        One day I will move on.

                          Be with someone who treats me better

                        because I deserve better then this.

                       To get out of this since I am in deep

                             will take time for me to get better

                                   and then move on but I will do it!

                                    One step at a time

                                        is what it takes

                                   because I will not be abused again.