You Shall Know The truth And The Truth Shall Set You free.

Don't Forget!

The Month Of February is

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Every Wednesday  we will be fasting and praying from 6 am in the morning to 6 pm at night.

We are asking for you to begin a prayer group specifically for Human Trafficking and different forms of abuse. Once a month in your church. Or your group.

Every month you can come to this page and see how to pray, and what to pray for. February is Teen Dating Violence prevention month. So we want to focus on the teens, we also want to focus on the young adults. May I add Bullying. We are fasting and praying for specific things in this area.

For teens we need to pray for choices they make in relationship, to guide them in there desire's and pressure's.

To have a desire to have relationships with adults that can guide them in a healthy dating relationship.

Prayers for morality, prayers against all kinds of abuse that can go on physical, mental, spiritual, bribery, anything that comes to your mind.

pray for guidance on how to help those who are in an abusive relationship. Pray for the schools to get involved in education against abuse. Pray for open doors to get into places were teens gather so that you can make a difference. Pray for respectable youths to rise up and make a difference to there peers.

Pray for those who feel they have no voice that they would open up and you will be able to help them get out.

pray for The Power of the Holy Ghost that strength would come. Pray for the groups that are out there already making a difference, pray for xtrememeasure.com to make a difference. Pray for all the youth leaders under the xtrememeasure.com name. Pray that God shows you who is being abused and he guides you to help that person.

Pray for the red and purple campaign to become worldwide, and grow ever year. Pray for the schools to accept the red and purple campaign Pray for our Youth, pray for churches to join us to pray one day out of the month to pray for domestic abuse, Human trafficking, bullying. Pray for protection for the survivors.  Pray for the families and their children who deal with this everyday of their lives. Pray for the darkness to come to light. Pray for ideas to be proactive in the fight.

Pray for the year event that permits and things we need will always be provided. Pray for the school and government to continue to do there part. Pray.

If you can send me pictures our videos of your group praying that would be beautiful, also reminder the day you have your group prayer please add a bible study it could be on abuse, could be on anger, also if you prepare please share it with us so we can give to others to provide for there church.

 if you have more you want to add to this list please email me theresaracine@hotmail.com ,


we want to hear from you. If you are participating in our prayer needs please email me. so we can place your church and the leader of your church on this website, and the day and the time, so that we can invite others in your area to join you.

If you decide every Wednesday you will fast and pray on your own , please send me your name so we can just acknowledge you are part of this amazing GROUP. 



  Once a year in September to form a cooperate prayer in your community if you want to organize please email me theresaracine@hotmail.com.

We are looking for an organizer for September to do something around the United Nations.